6 Great Reasons to Consider Living in Inverness

Living in Inverness

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In this post, we will look at the distinctive things that make Inverness such a great place to live.

We’ll cover all you need to know about moving to this gorgeous area, from its housing market to its stunning location.

Our goal is to make your move as easy as possible by giving you a solid sense of what life is like in Inverness.

An Introduction to Inverness

River Ness
River Ness. Image credit: Pixabay

Inverness, known as the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands, offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern living.

This city, nestled along the River Ness, offers locals a lovely location as well as a bustling cultural environment.

On the city’s doorstep are the infamous Highlands, and the Cairngorms, making it a truly stunning place to call home.

Life in Inverness encompasses the essence of Scottish tradition combined with contemporary living and the popularity of the area is reflected in its ever-growing population! 

If you are thinking of living in Inverness you are not alone!

Climate and Geography

Inverness, located in Scotland’s northern region, is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, including the famous Loch Ness, which is only a half-hour drive away!

The city has a temperate climate, with mild summers and cold winters, making it ideal for those who prefer a moderate environment all year.

July is the hottest month in Inverness, with average highs of 18°C and lows of 10°C.

January is the coldest month in Inverness, with an average low of 0°C and a high of 6°C.

Housing Market in Inverness

Properties in Inverness
Properties on the River Ness, Inverness. Image credit: Unsplash

The wonderful thing about Inverness is its varied range of locations. You can live in the city, the countryside, or on the coast.

The city’s low property prices are an added plus; you don’t need to break the bank to buy a home here.

Highly regarded neighbourhoods include Crown, which is located in the heart of the city. 

This area is home to a multitude of Victorian and Edwardian properties.

Ballifeary Road’s charming old stone-built homes are also in high demand with buyers.

Modern residences can be found in Holm, while properties with sea views check out the Black Isle peninsula.

According to Zoopla, the current average sold price for a property in Inverness is £217,444.

With hundreds of houses on the market, you should have no trouble locating your dream home in Inverness.

Just be sure to keep up to date with the most up-to-date property prices if you are thinking of moving to the area!

Education in Inverness

Education in Inverness
Educational provisions in Inverness are excellent. Image credit: Pexels

If you are thinking of living in Inverness, you may need to know about the schools in the area.

The Scottish education system is distinct from the rest of the United Kingdom, with a strong emphasis being placed on a well-rounded education.

Education Scotland regulates and inspects schools to ensure their performance and to uphold educational standards.

Inverness has about 12 primary schools, with the top three being St Joseph’s, Muirtown, and Lochardil, according to SchoolGuide.

Culloden Academy, Inverness Royal Academy, and Millburn Academy are among the top secondary schools for pupils aged 11 to 18.

Inverness College offers further and higher education courses to students of school-leaving age and older.

The college is part of the University of the Highlands and Islands, a federation of 15 colleges and research institutions found throughout Scotland’s Highlands and Islands.

Additionally, various institutions in and around the city provide opportunities for adult education and professional development.

Clearly, living in Inverness is well-suited for those seeking good education facilities!

Healthcare in Inverness

Healthcare in Inverness is of a good level, with several hospitals and clinics providing medical services to locals.

The city’s healthcare system is known for its quality and accessibility, ensuring locals receive the best care possible.

The city scored 64.44 in Numbeo’s Health Care System Index, which is above average for the UK.

Check out their website for a full breakdown of how Inverness scored.

Transport Links

Inverness Station
Inverness Station. Image credit: Wikipedia

Living in Inverness offers locals excellent transport options for both local and longer-distance travel.

For those driving, the A9 is the main road connecting Inverness to the south (including Perth, Edinburgh, and Glasgow) and the north.

It is Scotland’s longest road and the fifth-longest A-road in the United Kingdom, spanning from the Falkirk municipal area in central Scotland to Scrabster Harbour in the far north.

Another major road in the area is the A96, which runs primarily west/northwest from Aberdeen to the A9 beyond Inverness.

This key road runs through Keith, Elgin, and Nairn, ensuring Inverness is well connected to these locations.​

Living in Inverness also ensures locals have access to some great railway connections.

The Inverness rail station is located in the heart of the city and connects residents to major cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Passengers can even get to London from the station.

The Caledonian Sleeper train is a well-known service that travels from England’s capital to Inverness overnight.​

Thinking of Living in Inverness?

​Relocating to a new area is never an easy task.

Moving to Inverness will take plenty of planning but, as you can see, there are certainly some great reasons to move to the city.

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