Living in Elgin – Ultimate Moving Guide

Living in Elgin

Embarking on a new chapter in Elgin?

Whether it’s the scenic beauty, rich history, or the promise of a tranquil lifestyle that draws you, our Ultimate Moving Guide is here to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.

From finding your perfect home to getting to know the local culture, this guide has got you covered.

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About Elgin

Elgin, situated in Moray, serves as the administrative and commercial hub for the whole county.

The town is located approximately 36 miles east of Inverness and 64 miles west of Aberdeen, meaning it is a significant town in the wider region.

The area surrounding Elgin, Moray, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, including the Moray Firth coastline, with its beautiful beaches and wildlife.

There is also the Speyside region, famous for its whisky distilleries and part of the Malt Whisky Trail.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy various activities in Elgin and the surrounding area, from hiking and cycling to golfing and wildlife watching.

Elgin has a rich historical backdrop that accompanies its vibrant contemporary culture, making it a great place to live!

Weather in Elgin

Sunset in Scotland
Elgin’s weather can be more pleasant than other areas of Scotland. Image credit: Pixabay

Elgin, like much of Scotland, has a temperate maritime climate.

This means the area enjoys relatively mild weather throughout the year, especially when compared to other locations at similar latitudes!

However, the weather can be quite variable and changeable, a characteristic feature of Scottish weather.

Winters in Elgin are typically cold, with temperatures often hovering around 0°C to 7°C.

Snowfall is also possible in the winter months, particularly in January and February.

Moving through the seasons, spring sees a gradual warming with average temperatures ranging from 5°C to 14°C.

This season is marked by a mix of sun and showers, with the weather improving gradually throughout the months.

The countryside around Elgin comes to life during the spring period, making it a beautiful time to explore the outdoors.

Summers in Elgin are mild and relatively pleasant, with average temperatures ranging between 11°C and 19°C.

However, temperatures can reach the mid-20s°C on warmer days, particularly in July and August.

Rainfall is still common in the summer, but there are also many dry and sunny days to enjoy!

Autumn sees temperatures gradually decrease from the mild conditions of summer to the cooler days of winter, with averages falling between 7°C and 15°C.

Buying a Home in Elgin

Elgin Property Market
Elgin has a very diverse and affordable property market. Image credit: Unsplash

Living in Elgin offers buyers a range of different property types.

The area has an extensive range of different property types from Victorian to new build.

Many of the properties in the town and surrounding areas are traditional cottages and townhouses.

There are also a number of new build developments which open up plenty of opportunities to find a property that meets your own individual style and taste.

With so many options in the area, you are sure to find a property to meet your needs!

So, what can you expect to pay for a property in Elgin?

The current average house price in the area is £212,722, slightly under the UK average of £288,000.

When it comes to different property types, you can expect to pay an average of £285,999 for a detached house and £184,604 for a semi-detached.

Terraced properties in Elgin sit at an average of £143,560 with flats averaging at £105,927.

Clearly, there are plenty of properties available in Elgin, with some extremely reasonable prices!

Schools and Education

Schools in Elgin
There is a choice of both primary and secondary schools when living in Elgin. Image credit: Pexels

Relocating to a new area with children can add an additional layer of concern to any move.

You will need to be well informed of what schools are in the area and how well they perform.

Luckily for those considering a move to Elgin, there are plenty of great choices.

The town and surrounding regions are home to several primary schools, ensuring accessibility and a high level of primary education for young learners.

If you are moving to the area with primary school-age children be sure to check out for a breakdown of the top picks in the area!

These primary schools feed into Elgin’s secondary schools, Elgin Academy and Elgin High School.

Both schools offer a broad curriculum designed to meet the academic and vocational interests of students.

For those thinking of moving to Elgin from outside of Scotland, you may not be familiar with the education system here.

It is important to note that there are some key differences from other parts of the UK.

For a summary of the differences head over to the SchoolRun website.

Transport Links

Elgin Station
Elgin Station looking towards Inverness. Image credit: Wikipedia

Elgin, as a key town in the Moray region of Scotland, benefits from a well-developed transport network,

This provides residents with efficient road and rail connections to other parts of Scotland and further afield across the UK.

When it comes to road links, Elgin is very well connected.

The most significant road link for Elgin is the A96 trunk road, which runs between Inverness and Aberdeen.

This major road provides direct access to both cities, facilitating travel to the west towards Inverness and east towards Aberdeen.

Other important roads that connect Elgin to surrounding areas include the A941 to Lossiemouth and the A940, which leads southwards towards Forres, and eventually connects with the A9, offering routes to the Central Belt of Scotland and the Highlands.

When it comes to railway links, Elgin is also well-positioned.

Elgin is served by its railway station, which is part of the Aberdeen to Inverness line.

The station provides regular services to major cities including Inverness to the west and Aberdeen to the east.

These rail services are crucial for connecting Elgin with Scotland’s larger urban centres, offering an alternative to road travel for both commuters and tourists.

Ready to Start Living in Elgin?

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